Wife Sends Her Unemployed Husband Away to His Parents Due to Lack of Responsibility

Marriage isn’t just a happily ever after for couples; it’s a start of a new life. A chapter in their lives that requires both people to have maturity, patience, love, and understanding. Married life is all about sharing each other’s happiness and carrying responsibilities together. A partner mustn’t weigh down their spouse but lift them up instead.

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Gender roles inside a relationship aren’t the norm nowadays. Women are already capable of being the family’s breadwinners. Strong, empowered wives have paved the way for young ladies to aspire to a married life where their careers aren’t sacrificed. Although those women are financially stable even without their husbands, their spouses shouldn’t take advantage of that. Behind a successful career and strong appearance, hardworking women also need to see that their partners are invested in the relationship.

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For instance, an irresponsible husband who keeps depending on his wife financially — for almost everything. It was an issue brought up by a woman on Reddit, and her decision wasn’t a delight to her in-laws. The wife with the username throwaway7487473 shared that her husband couldn’t keep a job and hid details about how he handles it. His irresponsibility began to show little by little after the wedding. He lets his wife work hard for everything since he knows she fares well.

Apparently, the husband was just living with his parents before they married. When they got married, he moved in with his new wife. The couple discussed that OP would continue paying the bills and rent while the husband takes care of household chores. He was also set on taking a part-time job.

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“However, once we got married, he started to cut down on his work hours without saying anything first. He gave the explanation that I made plenty of money for the both of us, so he could just work part-time and do the work around the house while I was the main breadwinner. I was fine with this, a little upset that he had just assumed this would be okay, but I didn’t say anything as this felt fair,” OP shared.

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The setup was alright at first, but then the husband started to act immaturely. He spent most of his time in leisure until OP had to do the chores by herself. A series of red flags started to show, which included her husband not making an effort to look for a job. He was laid off from his previous job and did not make a move since then — he officially became a freeloader. To make matters more frustrating, he told OP that he was comfortable and alright with their current setup.

With how inconsiderate her husband is, throwaway7487473 sent him away to his parents. OP told her husband to come back only when he gets a job. Her in-laws understood her but weren’t delighted with how she acted upon it. The husband also got angry, which made OP question her decision. Since she brought the issue to Reddit, many people supported her decision since the husband was evidently irresponsible. She received 3.3k comments, most of which are supportive of her.

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A Reddit user with the username soundslikemahnamahna even enumerated the guy’s red flags. The Reddit user also added, “Sounds like only seeing him in passing is best. Don’t let him back into the house unless you just want a mooch, lazy roommate that won’t pay rent.” The reply garnered 29.3k upvotes and a long thread of discussion. Some people even suggested divorce or annulment.

Reddit users also told OP that she deserves better — which is true. No one should ever be held responsible for a person’s whole growth. As a wife, she must look out for her husband’s development, but without cooperation, nothing good can come out of it. A relationship requires effort from both people or it will eventually crumble.

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