Babies Compete In Adorable “Diaper Dash” At University Basketball Game

Most people love the story of an underdog, someone who comes up from behind and scores big. We recently saw that in an adorable way at the most recent Diapers to Dorms Dash.

The Diapers to Dorms Dash is a baby race of sorts where babies compete in a crawling race during a basketball game.

Photo: YouTube/Carolina Blitz

The Carolina Blitz YouTube channel shared footage of the race on YouTube saying the race took place during the Duke vs UNC game at the Dean Smith Center.

According to the College Foundation of North Carolina, the race, officially dubbed the Diapers to Dorms Dash, has been going on since at least 2017.

Photo: YouTube/Carolina Blitz

It’s not all for kicks and giggles, either! According to CBS 17, the winning babies receive $529 for a NC 529 account, a tax-advantaged education savings account. So, it seems these babies aren’t just competing for the title of Diaper Dash winner, they’re competing for a headstart to their college savings! That’s pretty neat.

In this particular race, one baby started strong and crawled all the way to right in front of the finish line before deciding to sit down and take a break. That baby made it inches from winning before any of the other babies had even left their starting places!

Photo: YouTube/Carolina Blitz

A second baby finally decides to get moving and makes it close to the finish line, and its mom desperately tries to prompt the baby to keep going by reaching over the finish line and waving a cartoon on her phone along with a water bottle. It seems like cheating, if you ask me, but her baby didn’t win either way.

In the end, a third baby quietly sneaks up behind the other two and quickly crosses the finish line, securing a win! It was a real nail-biter.

You can see the race for yourself in the video below:

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