Ukrainian Soldier Builds “Cat Checkpoint” For Homeless Cats

The way a person treats an animal says a lot about their character. Ukrainian soldiers have proven they are not only brave but compassionate.

Homeless dogs and cats roam the war-torn streets looking for a safe place to rest. Ukrainian soldiers are making sure they are protected by taking them into the barracks or getting them somewhere safe.

One soldier built a “cat checkpoint” for numerous homeless cats in his trench. The construction of the checkpoint was shared on Reddit’s Ukraine War Video Report forum by u/w-a-l-e-s.

Screenshot: Reddit/u/w-a-l-e-s

No detail was overlooked.

The construction started with precise measurements of each cat to ensure the custom cat door was the right size. With a few basic tools and the help from some playful cats, the checkpoint was created.

Screenshot: Reddit/u/w-a-l-e-s

A handwritten sign was the finishing touch to the safe haven.

Screenshot: Reddit/u/w-a-l-e-s

The felines are enjoying their new space and quickly figured out how to use the cat door. The video concluded with the soldier playing with the cats and an adorable nose “boop”.

Screenshot: Reddit/u/w-a-l-e-s

People from around the world thanked the soldier for showing kindness to the cats and praised him for his service.

“Ukrainian warriors are so good they can spend time treating creatures properly instead of invading land they don’t own,” wrote butrektblue.

ArtEclectic said, “I love this so much. People who are willing to take time to protect animals while defending their homeland from orcs…they deserve so much respect.”

“Very sweet of them to be so caring towards displaced animals during such troubled times,” commented PicassoMars.

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