Ukrainian Soldier Opens His Heart and Home To Stray Dog He Rescued From War Zone

For the past six months, Ukrainians have been fighting to protect their country and save animals left behind. The soldiers have proven that they are loyal, strong, and compassionate.

Countless stories have emerged of military men and women going out of their way to save a stray cat or dog and make sure they are taken somewhere safe.

There have also been numerous animals who live alongside the brave warriors, like a little black dog called Babai. UAnimals shared the story of how the stray dog was rescued and how he won the heart of one of his rescuers.

Valentin is a Ukrainian soldier fighting in the Donetsk region. The soldiers came upon four dogs in need of rescuing from the war-torn streets. Three of the dogs were rescued but the fourth one was frightened and hid.

The dog was named Babai and Valentin told UAnimals, “conscientiously performed the duties of the department mascot”, since he couldn’t be caught.

Eventually he warmed up to his rescuers and wiggled his way into their laps and hearts. That is why when it was time to leave the area the dog happily went with his crew.

Valentin planned on bringing him to a rescue that would make sure the dog was safe, but at the last minute decided he couldn’t part with the little guy. Instead, he brought Babai home to Lviv.

This heartwarming story of a man and man’s best friend is the happy news we all need. However, there are countless dogs and cats that still need help. UAnimals is helping by sending food, money, and supplies as well as helping with transportation to safe areas.

The charity organization wrote, “Our military goes to war with the motivation to protect. Not to kill, but to protect. Because of this, our warriors so often save the defenseless four-legged from the flames of war!”

Join us in helping feed and care for Ukrainian people and pets in this time of war by donating here.

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