Officials Warn Crowds To Stay Away From Beached Walrus In The UK

They sometimes say that curiosity killed the cat but I would have to say that humans are just as curious.

The problem is, if they aren’t careful, curiosity can get the better of them and they could be in danger as well.


This was seen recently when a magnificent creature made its way onto the beach in Calshot, Hampshire. It was a huge walrus they named Thor, and people began gathering to take pictures of the animal.

A warning went out from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) shortly after Thor came up on the beach, letting people know that they should keep their distance. They shared on Facebook that not only would it be a good idea for the humans, it was also a good idea for Thor.

According to the Natural History Museum, the BDMLR director of welfare and conservation, Dan Jarvis, said: “Repeated visitors are going to prevent the animal from conserving its energy and making its next journey.”

He went on to say that it has a better chance of surviving if people just leave Thor alone.

Thor has been traveling about in the area after first being spotted on November 6. That was in the Netherlands, but he came up along the coast of France and eventually, came on shore in the UK.

Even though he went back into the water on Sunday afternoon, he may very well appear again on a beach in the UK. If he does, people should keep the sighting to themselves and enjoy watching Thor from a distance.

The BDMLR says that they don’t have details as to where Thor has gone but if he is spotted, they are asking people not to share his location on social media.

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