Two-Legged Turtle Discarded In A Dumpster Gets A Second Chance At Life

A two-legged senior turtle was given a second chance at life after being tossed a dumpster with the trash.

A nonprofit called the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue in Indian Trail, North Carolina shared about the turtle on Instagram.

Photo: Pexels/Trinidad Moreno

In the post, they explained that the grandma-turtle has just two legs and needs a “special needs home.”

They said, “She was missing her two right legs when someone found her thrown away in a dumpster. It was a cold weekend in December when she was found; she was alone and buried among the trash.”

They went on to say that the resilent turtle “doesn’t let her past hardships slow her down.” They described her as being “so friendly and sweet” and said she’ll eat produce right from a human’s hands!

“She loves to swim up to you at the edge of her tank and when she gives you those big turtle eyes, it’s hard to walk away!!” they added.

Photo: Instagram/@waterfoulrescue

In an interview with The Dodo, a staff member with the rescue, Jennifer Gordon, said: “We were all really upset when we heard about her coming in from the trash. Knowing she especially needed a special home, since she only had two legs, and someone just left her in the trash, likely for her disability, was heartbreaking.”

Thankfully, it wasn’t long after the rescue shared about the senior turtle on social media that a woman stepped up to adopt her!

The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue shared a follow-up post on Instagram saying the turlte got adopted and she now goes by the name Maude!

The rescue added in the post, “Her new mom wanted us to know that ‘Maude is doing well. She’s eating kale out of my hand and she seems pretty content.'”

We’re so happy for sweet Maude! She deserves a wonderful life and she’s finally able to get it.

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