Two-Legged Fox Blowing People’s Minds for its Balance and Agility

A video clip making the rounds filmed by Phil and Jane Carter at their Ilkeston, Derbyshire, home is blowing the minds of viewers everywhere. It captures a fox scavenging in their rear garden, which isn’t all that unusual except for the fact this particular fox is maneuvering on just two legs, not four.

It’s not as if the animal’s back legs were injured, forcing it to ambulate on its front legs only. It’s that its two hind legs are missing altogether.

red fox with two legs
Photo: Philip Carter via BBC News

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

While the video is little more than 30 seconds in duration, the red fox looks quite healthy with zero signs of distress. The balancing act it displays leads one to believe that this isn’t a new or recent predicament for the agile acrobat. The streamlined appearance of its body also leans toward the notion that the lack of limbs could be the result of a birth defect. Regardless, this fantastic fox has clearly adapted to his or her circumstances.

Wildlife Expert Weighs In

Mike Dilger, a TV wildlife expert who’s appeared on a variety of BBC programs, saw the fox and its ability to adapt as “nature conquering all” and “an amazing survivalist story” for the ages. He also believed that the fox had likely been born without its hind limbs rather than losing them somehow later in life. According to the story, the Carter’s small visitor hung out for about 45 minutes, so it wasn’t a quick dine-and-dash encounter.

tin of Spam
Photo: Pixabay/newhallpublishing

Spam, Anyone?

While the Carters have been interviewed since the video emerged, one of the more entertaining aspects of the whole story is Jane Carter explaining that she thought the animal looked hungry so she scrounged around her pantry and dug up a tin of Spam for it to eat. After breaking it into chunks and tossing them onto the lawn, the spry Canidae went for it like it was the last can in Hawaii. Needless to say, one interviewer with CNN seemed a bit incredulous when Mrs. Carter shared the news.

Wildlife Videos

Some may be saddened by the hand the little fox was dealt, but others are in the same camp as Mike Dilger in their admiration for its ability to overcome adversity — especially in the wild. It may be brief, but the video packs a lot in a mere 34 seconds. Here’s the clip via BBC News.

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