Two-Legged Fox Races Around Couple’s Yard In Search For A Meal

A couple in England was in for quite the surprise when they looked out the window and spotted a two-legged fox in their yard racing around and looking for food.

Phil and Jane Carter were at home in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England when they witnessed the rare sighting and even managed to capture it on video!

Photo: YouTube/The Telegraph

According to the Derbyshire Live, the Carters explained that they regularly see wildlife in their garden but this fox, in particular, caught their attention.

Phil said: “My wife shouted to me to come to the window quick because I wouldn’t believe what I’ll see. It [the fox] was here for about 45 minutes. It ran off when we went to feed it, but after it came back to get the food.”

Photo: YouTube/The Telegraph

He went on to say, “At one point he ran over to the gate, and I mean run, vertically, straight up. You wouldn’t believe it unless you’d seen it. It’s absolutely phenomenal.”

The video shows the fox walking around on just two legs and she makes it look almost effortless!

Photo: YouTube/The Telegraph

It’s really quite impressive to see how the fox manages to maneuver and search for food, despite her challenges.

If you’d like to see the fox in action for yourself, be sure to check out the video below:

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