Twin Sisters Work Together To Save Unresponsive Woman On Flight To Florida

Twin sisters from Massachusetts are being hailed as heroes after helping to save a woman on a flight to Florida.

According to KIRO7, Nicole Kelly and her twin sister, Lindsay Byrne, were aboard a JetBlue flight on Monday, August 1, when a flight attendant requested help from anyone on board with a medical background.

Nicole Kelly works as a nurse in Burlington, MA, and Lyndsay Byrne is a firefighter and paramedic in Wayland, MA, so the two sisters quickly contacted the flight attendant to offer their help.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The sisters, along with a firefighter from Florida, were told of an unresponsive woman that’d been found in the aircraft lavatory.

KIRO7 reports that the three got the woman out of the bathroom and assessed her. They found she was unconscious, had grayish-blue skin and a faint pulse, and was having difficulty breathing.

According to Boston25 News, the trio lifted the unconscious woman into a sitting position and determined she was having a diabetic emergency. They carefully fed her sugar packets and monitored her until she regained some consciousness.

In a statement on Facebook, the Wayland Fire Chief Neil McPherson said:

“Incidents like these are what first responders and medical professionals train for. Seeing this training and professionalism kick into action beyond our small community and in an environment with limited resources is a proud moment for the department that made a difference in someone’s life. I commend Lindsay and Nicole for working together and utilizing both of their unique skill sets to take this swift, lifesaving action while flying aboard an aircraft.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The woman was taken to a hospital after landing in Florida for further evaluation and treatment.

“I guess the most stressful part of it was being on the plane and having limited resources, but thankfully it all worked out, and hopefully she’s ok today,” Kelly told Boston25 News.

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