Tuxedo Cat Finds New Use For Zombie Halloween Decoration

Zombies are frightening and most people would run far away if they saw a pair of hands reaching out from under a bush. However, a fearless cat in Texas is not intimidated by the spooky Halloween decoration.

Instead, the clever feline has found another use for it.

Margot Gonzales placed moving zombie hands under a bush near her front porch in Dallas and was surprised when she saw the neighborhood cat on her stoop.

Screenshot: TikTok/gonzoxox

She captured the adorable tuxedo cat on video using the zombie hands as a back scratcher. He rubbed against the hands and kept going back for more.

The short video shared on TikTok has been viewed by thousands.

It was captioned, “When the neighborhood cat gets pettings where he can get them.”

Screenshot: TikTok/gonzoxox

Some people felt bad for the kitty and begged for someone to pet him. Margot told viewers she did pet him, but it wasn’t enough. “Lol I definitely did he just wanted more and more.”

A fellow tuxedo cat owner commented, “It’s a tuxedo thing, I swear. I had to sleep with my hands tucked with my old cat dos cuz she would be head butting them in the middle of the night.”

Another person said Margot may have to leave up the decoration all year for the precious feline, and she is considering it.

Cats are so entertaining without even trying. Watch the viral video below and don’t forget to share!

@gonzoxox Neighborhood cat loves zombies #halloween #halloween2022 #kitten #kittensoftiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – Margot Gonzales

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