Turkeys Act as Mediators Between Two Rowdy Dogs Causing Trouble on Their Farm

Having various animals at home or on your farm certainly makes life more exciting and fun. You get to know animals firsthand and not just on your device’s screen. Your brain will receive added information daily; those animals also positively affect your heart. Encountering different personalities every day is one of the most interesting parts of the experience. There are friendly cows, curious goats, playful dogs, gentle horses, and much more.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

You also have fun stories about your animals that you can share with others. Those stories will either touch their hearts or make them laugh so hard they’d ask you if they can visit your home or farm. Mia is one of those farm owners who always has her daily dose of happiness because of the animals under her care. It’s a delight to witness the animals you care for have such a fantastic time in your place. When she adopted another dog, the farm became rowdier. Mia took in a very playful one which she named Henry.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“I wanted to adopt a senior because I have Rosie, another senior female. I found a humane society nearby. They’re like, ‘We have this puppy who hates men,'” Mia shared. The Chihuahua instantly became friends with the other farm animals — approaching everybody to ask if they could play with him. Henry also had turkeys as his playmates. They would run around the farm and engage in an amicable chasing game. But they weren’t only Henry’s playmates; the turkeys acted as referees whenever the dogs started a brawl.

“The turkeys like to be peacemakers. They don’t like conflict. So when Henry and our other dog were playing, they would come over to break it up because they were like, this is some fighting going on here,” Mia shared. “And so Henry just started getting more and more like, ‘Well then, hey, I’m playing with you.'” she added. It’s as if the turkeys are the adults that need to be around to keep the place peaceful. They’re excellent mediators and have saved the dogs from getting hurt even more.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Mia initially stayed at the place as her mother’s caretaker. However, they had to move her mom to a nursing home, and then she decided to use the space as a farm. She has opened the place for animals who need a safe and warm place to stay. Aside from the turkeys and dogs, she has ducks, chickens, and other flocks of various birds.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Mia has created a life on the farm where all animals are given the best treatment and special attention. Get to know more about her lovely farm animals by watching the interview with The Dodo below. Their sanctuary also has an Instagram account that you can follow and have a glimpse of peaceful farm life — no matter how rowdy the dogs can get.

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