Persistent Turkey Attempts To Follow Man To Work

No one likes to be followed when out in public. It can be unsettling at times, but other times, it’s just downright annoying.

Carrington Wentz works as a corporate employee in Boston, Massachusetts and he was recently followed while on his way to work!

Photo: Instagram/@carrington_wentz

Someone filmed the incident and showed Wentz being followed, but it wasn’t a human following him, it was a turkey!

In the video, you can see the persistent turkey waddling up to Wentz, who quickly stuck his foot out to stop the bird from getting closer. Wentz walked quickly away, but the turkey continued to follow him!

Photo: Instagram/@carrington_wentz

He captioned the post: “When work comes for me close to the Holidays.”

Growing up, I was always afraid of turkeys because of their reputation for being mean. In fact, the Massachusetts government even has tips on how to deal with aggressive turkeys because they’re such a problem!

Photo: Instagram/@carrington_wentz

The MA government says following people is one example of a turkey acting aggressively, so Wentz was right to be wary and do his best to keep the turkey away.

Check out the video below:

Hopefully he made it to work without further issues!

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