Golden Retrievers Attempt The Painter’s Tape Challenge In Adorable Viral Video

Dogs are so adorable. They’re very loyal companions that also provide us with hours of entertainment.

It’s not hard to get them to participate in silly little challenges with us, such as agility tests.

Photo: YouTube/Tucker Budzyn

Let’s be honest, dogs are pretty nimble beings. Maybe not as much as cats, but they can still pull off a trick or two. And unlike cats, dogs are so much more willing to be good sports about it.

There is a pair of golden retrievers named Tucker and Todd who are quite the adorable pair when it comes to the tape challenge.

Photo: YouTube/Tucker Budzyn

Tucker and Todd are actually a father and son duo, and their owner, Courtney, has had a lot of fun getting them to participate in the tape challenge, which is just what it sounds like. It’s placing painter’s tape across different surfaces and then getting the pooches to jump over and clear the tape.

Apparently, lots of dog owners have been having fun putting their pets through the paces, as seen in some videos below:

Of course, some dogs are a little better at it than others, as demonstrated by the videos – like poor Rosie! But the two that seem to excel at the tape challenge were Tucker and Todd.

They were able to clear the different levels as they got more and more difficult. However, Todd got a little tired quicker than Tucker – who was almost able to finish the whole challenge.

Photo: YouTube/Tucker Budzyn

As their mom stated in the video below:

“Today the pups take on the painter’s tape challenge. Who is the better jumper? Will Tucker jump higher than his son, or is Todd going to take the cake on this one?”

Watch these adorable pooches take on their painter’s tape challenge below:

Oh, did we mention they’re looking so dapper in their little blue bow ties? How cute!

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