TSA’s Instagram Shares ‘Cat-astrophe’ After Another Traveler Puts Pet Through X-Ray Screening

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently reminded flyers not to put their pets through x-ray screening as they go through security. Another person apparently didn’t get the memo, as the government agency has used social media to highlight the latest occurrence.

TSA’s Instagram page recently shared an image from another such incident, calling it “the latest cat-astrophe at ORF Airport.” That’s in Norfolk, Virginia, where a traveler had neglected to take their cat out of their carrier ahead of the x-ray screening. The cat, who was unharmed, safely went through screening with their human after being discovered through the x-ray.

In the post, the agency said it’s important to “let the cat out of the bag” and keep them with you as you go through screening. If you’re concerned they might bolt, you can ask for other options. Be sure to have their carrier go through the x-ray machine without them, though.

TSA also encouraged flyers to check out past content on the page to get a better understanding of pet screening. A quick search brings up quite a few. That includes a post with a dog, which they stressed was fine, going through an x-ray machine. It said, “Take a paws for a moment and read these tips.” Among them were to make sure your airline knows you have a pet.

Another post with a rabbit shared similar information, saying, “They say slow and steady wins the race, but this ear-resistible passenger won our hearts. Before pulling your hare out on your next trip listen to these pet travel tips. First, don’t jump to any conclusions about what animals your airline permits, it’s always best to check with them for their rules.”

There are also videos of birds and even turtles. Turtles are good to fly as per TSA guidelines, the page says, provided they’re in a clear, transparent container, but again, it’s important to double check with your airline, as well.

The TSA may be a bit punny with their delivery, but it’s an important reminder to remain in compliance and keep your pets out of harm’s way while you travel together. For more information on screening your pets and the dangers of these airport x-rays to them, click here!

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