Lucky Keeper Gets to Have His Daily Dose of Baby Elephant Trunk Cuddles

Being a caretaker of baby animals sounds like a fulfilling job. You get to interact with them and build friendships that you’ll cherish for a long time. Although the job gets tiring sometimes, it is most rewarding when those baby animals express their appreciation most adorably. It’s the type of job that will make you smile even if something stressful happens. They’ll also make you laugh with their unusual habits and quirks. And even when they can’t verbally thank you, they’ll express it through their own love language.

Photo: Pixabay/mtanenbaum

As for a baby elephant, it shows love and appreciation by giving its keeper trunk cuddles. A video on Reddit showed how an elephant trunk cuddle works, and it is something you’ll want to experience. The baby elephant wrapped its trunk around the keeper in the clip, which looked like a comforting, reassuring hug. The keeper seemed amazed and touched simultaneously — he couldn’t stop smiling at the affection he received. His co-keeper was also smiling, and it was a very remarkable moment.

Photo: Reddit/u/westcoachcdn19

The scenario was a sign that the baby elephant was given proper treatment. The keeper must be absolutely kindhearted and genuine for the elephant to show him this much love. Although it was a short clip, it was enough to show that animals can express emotions. With how heartwarming the content is, the Reddit post by u/westcoachcdn19 has garnered 33.4k upvotes and over 200 comments. Reddit users shared their amazement and opinions about the elephant’s action, and some even explained the reason behind the elephant’s behavior.

Moreover, people in the comment section praised the keepers from Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya. PookieCat415 wrote, “These guys do amazing work with these elephants. The whole rehabilitation to nature process is very interesting. When they are teens, they spend the day out with wild elephants who bring them back to the rescue place at night. Elephants are so intelligent and need to be protected.” The comment earned 1.1k upvotes, and a lot of people replied — creating a thread about how the sanctuary is trustworthy in handling the lives of elephants.

A Reddit user, Noir_Amnesiac, pointed out the therapeutic benefit of being shown affection by an animal. Interactions with adorable creatures are truly therapeutic and good for the human heart. Watching the 24-second clip was already enough to supply happy hormones. What more if you get to actually receive a trunk cuddle from a sweet baby elephant? It would be a dream come true!

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