Animals Compete With Odd Behaviors To Win “True Facts Animal Awards”

The animal kingdom is full of all sorts of oddities and strangeness, much of which goes unrecognized by the average person.

But now, there’s an award ceremony dedicated to celebrating those weird animals and their traits and it’s glorious.

Photo: YouTube/Ze Frank

The popular YouTube channel Ze Frank created the award video as part of its series on true animal facts.

The amusing awards were especially geared toward odd animal behavior that was largely discovered and documented by photographers and scientists over the years.

Photo: YouTube/Ze Frank

Award categories included Best Worst Jumping, Best Animal Call, and Fun Fashion on a Budget, among others. Each award features a series of entertaining photos and videos, along with some fun facts about the creatures being recognized.

It’s nice to see such underrecognized and underappreciated species getting their chance to shine.

Photo: YouTube/Ze Frank

Ze Frank does a great job breaking down the different animal facts and celebrating their oddities.

If you’d like to check it out for yourself and join in on the fun, be sure to watch the video below:

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