Truck Driver Adopts Stray Cat And Now They Travel The Country Together

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to drive a big rig, you realize that it can be a little on the lonely side. You never quite know where you’re going to be next and sometimes, you don’t have much companionship along the way.

Paul Robertson of Minnesota knows this all too well. He is a long-distance truck driver but he wasn’t always that lonely because Howie, his beloved cat was usually with him.

Photo: flickr/North Dakota

That lasted for quite some time but after Howie passed away, Paul began to feel the stress of the road.

According to MPR News, Paul was always looking for his next companion that would travel with him but he always had difficulty finding the right feline. When he stopped at the Twin Cities animal rescue, however, he found an adorable stray and it was love at first sight. Check out the photo of Percy below:

When Paul saw the missing tooth, a torn ear, and scars on the animal, he realized that she needed love in the same way that he did. Before long, Percy was with him riding shotgun and loving life on the road as well.

Paul did more than just take this cat with him on the road. He shared pictures of their travels. That came in handy when Percy went missing at a rest stop in Ohio. He was desperate to find the cat and posted on Facebook about the missing cat. Within minutes, he was getting text messages from all over.

As a dedicated truck driver, he had to get on the road again because he had a contract to deliver the goods. He continued on the drive, saying that he felt like he was abandoning a child and he thought he had lost his sweet Percy forever.

He had traveled some 400 miles when he turned around and saw a feline under the truck. The feline was in bad shape but it was Percy. He had been hiding under the cab all that time just waiting until he could safely come out and be reunited with his dad.

Paul said on Facebook: “This little orange furry soul means the world to me.” He went on to say “thank you” to everyone else for caring about the cat too.

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