Graduate Watches Video Message From Her Army Mom, Then Turns Around & Gasps

There’s nothing Jaida Sisk wanted more than for her mother to watch her graduate from her high school in Alabama, but she knew she was overseas and sadly wouldn’t be able to make it.

Trina Sisk is a Chief Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army and had been deployed in Kuwait.

When she found out she was able to return home in time to watch her daughter graduate, she knew she wanted to plan a special surprise for her.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

She recorded a video for Jai, telling her how proud she is of her and that it’s now time for the real world.

“We’re preparing you for this day and the journey to follow. I have no doubts that this would be the first of many to come,” Trina said in the video. “Though I’m not there with you in person, know that I am always there.”

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

But little did Jai know, her mother actually was there.

Jai watched the video message from her mom with tears welling in her eyes. Once it finished, she turned around and was shocked to see her mom standing behind her.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

She immediately jumped out of her seat and gave her mom the biggest hug.

“What the heck just happened? What is happening?” she repeated over and over again while hugging her mom. She truly couldn’t believe that her mom was right in front of her and would make it to her graduation after all.

Watch the emotional surprise reunion in the video below:

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