Persistent Tree Grew Over The Sign But Under The Paint

Hikers in Wisconsin may come across a rare treat if they’re exploring trails throughout Governor Dodge State Park.

Along one of the trails is a unique sight: A tree that grew over a sign but under its paint.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Reddit user u/T3nacityDog shared a photo of the tree and it gained quite a bit of attention.

Many people wanted to know exactly where the tree was located.

“It’s on the horse trail up to the cave… right by the fork in the trail,” one user commented.

Reddit user u/killcpm also had a photo of the same tree from a time they went hiking in the area. They shared the photo for comparison:

Photo: imgur

A third Reddit user, u/banditoe, pitched in their photo of the tree and the sign as well!

Tree eating sign

Because the Reddit photos were doing so well, it sparked another post of a tree “eating” a sign. But this time, the sign was almost completely covered. The only visible part remaining? The word “help.”

“Tree grew around this sign, only leaving the word ‘Help’ visible,” u/HysminaiUchiha shared.

Have you ever seen a tree consuming a sign like this? Let us know!

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