Wild Deer Visits His Famous Friend Years After He Was Rescued

For many of us, the opportunity to see a deer in the wild is a rare occurrence. Perhaps we may only see them along the road or if we happen to be staying at a cabin on vacation.

For Travis Tritt, however, seeing deer is nothing unusual, as Travis shared on Instagram.

He lives on a 45-acre property and deer are plentiful, but there was something unusual that happened a number of years ago that came back to him in a rather unique and beautiful way.

It started years ago when a little fawn white-tailed deer came up to his back door and said hello. It seems as if the baby deer didn’t have a mother of his own for some reason or another, so his wife took up the care of the deer until he was old enough to live in the wild, which Travis shared photos of on Facebook:

Teresa continued to look after the animal, feeding him from a bottle and naming him Oakley. After Oakley had gained enough strength and was able to be out in the wild on his own, they let him go and thought that they would never see him again.

Travis Tritt was out walking on his property this fall when a deer snuck up behind him. It was a young buck, and Tritt said that it was obvious that the deer remembered him.

In his Instagram post, Tritt said: “[He] came right up to me as if he had…never forgotten who I was and knew I wasn’t a threat to him.”

Fortunately, he was able to get a video of the encounter and you can see the love and trust that still existed between Tritt and that while deer. Oakley even allowed him to pet him and licked his arm.

As he pet Oakley, he kept letting him know that he was a good boy. I’m sure that many of us can relate. Even if we don’t pet a deer, we often say this to our dogs or cats as we are giving them a good scratch.

It’s amazing when you see something like this happen. It doesn’t happen often, but thankfully, Tritt was able to capture the beautiful moment and share it with the world.

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