“Toys For Tickets” Allows People To Pay Off Parking Fines With Toys

Getting a parking ticket is never fun, but those tickets could bring kids joy this holiday season.

Cities in Canada are starting up a Toys for Tickets campaign that allows motorists to donate toys instead of money.

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Generally, when a motorist receives a parking fine, the money for the ticket goes to the city or county where the ticket occurred. But now, in lieu of money, motorists can pay their fines with toys for children in need!

According to CTV News Ottawa, Dan Hazell, Kingston’s Supervisor of Enforcement Services, said: “We urge everyone with an eligible ticket to take this opportunity to donate a toy. Your donation will directly benefit a child in our community.”

Photo: Pexels/Tim Gouw

Speaking with CTV News Calgary, the director of parking for Alberta Heath Services, Nick Ternovatsky, added, “We paused the Toys for Tickets campaign during COVID-19 but, given its past success and positive reception, we are happy to launch it once again this holiday season.”

To participate in the campaign, drivers with qualifying tickets to pay can donate an unwrapped toy of equal or greater value than their ticket. Motorists are required to present a receipt for the toy when donating it.

Photo: Flickr/Metropolitan Transportation Authority License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Once collected, the toys are taken to a local toy drive where they can be shared with children over the holidays who might not otherwise get a present.

Fort St. John reports that the Toys for Tickets campaign started back in 2005 and has received massive support from the community since its inception.

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