Experts Warn Pet Parents About Toxic Plant Hiding In Plain Sight

Plants are pretty and add a nice dash of color to your home – especially those with flowers.

However, there are warnings for pet owners to be careful of a certain flower that poses a poisonous risk to pets.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The flower happens to be known as lily of the valley. While it might be beautiful to look at, if ingested, it is very toxic and can actually affect the heart’s ability to properly function.

Pets – as well as small kids – are most at risk of serious health issues because of their size and likelihood to inject the plant. However, that doesn’t mean that adults are subject to risks as well.

Photo: flickr/Randi Hausken

According to First Vet, common symptoms of poisoning to look out for are a stomach ache, blurry vision, and a slower or irregular heartbeat. However, more serious symptoms can come in the form of vomiting and seizures.

In very serious cases of lily of the valley poisonings, the results can be fatal. That is why keeping your pets away from the plant is crucial. If you do think that your pet may have eaten a piece of the plant, then it is important to get them to a vet in order to make sure that they receive the care that is needed. The same is obvious if a child or another adult has accidentally eaten a piece of the plant.

Photo: flickr/Deb Nystrom

So, if you do own a lily of the valley plant, you should be sure that the plant isn’t within easy reach of any pets.

Did you know the danger this flower can pose? Let us know!

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