The Grow-Old-Together Type of Friendship Between a Woman and Her Loving Tortoise

A person will meet a lot of people that will play a significant role in their lives. Some are for temporary purposes, while others will permanently stay. The latter are your different versions of soulmates. That someone could be a romantic partner, a parent, a relative, a best friend, and most fascinatingly, an animal. People and animals sometimes magically meet each other and form a heartfelt connection. They could meet at adoption events, rescue missions, rehabilitation centers, or when the animal suddenly appears near their house. That first interaction is already written in the stars — meeting exactly when they need each other. That’s why having an animal as your best bud is a life-changing moment. Those stories are certainly touching, inspiring, and can make you shed a tear or two.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Having a soul connection with an animal comes with the desire to be with them for a long time. You look forward to growing old together because you are each other’s happiness and safe space. Life is lighter with them around. For one tortoise, it was the woman who took him in after losing his previous best friend. Fenella is the founder of Wee Companions and has rescued small animals since 1998 in San Diego, California. She started her mission with a guinea pig, then the organization grew from then on. Aside from guinea pigs, they reached out a helping hand to rats, hamsters, mice, and rabbits. As time went by, they welcomed other exotic creatures, which included Charlie the tortoise.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“I run an animal rescue, so I was regularly going to a certain vet, and he had a client who passed away, an elderly gentleman in his eighties, and his tortoises were brought to the vet because they were sick,” Fenella shared. The animal rescue president decided to take a tortoise with her, which was approved by the vet. Charlie’s stay at Wee Companions helped him heal from pneumonia. He even found a new human parent who was his soulmate at the same time. Fenella and Charlie wonderfully connected — it seems like the encounter at the vet was all part of a big plan. They’re still together every day and have now reached a 14-year friendship.

The two have a long-running routine, which includes hearing Fenella’s daily stories and waiting for Charlie to wake up after his brumation. “He went to sleep into his brumation around November time, and I had to go and wake him up in May,” she explained. Whenever Charlie wakes up from his long brumation, Fenella gives him a nice soak before she allows him to go outdoors. Both have already established a life together, although it took some time for Fenella to realize her mistake. It wasn’t a terrible one, but for several years, Fenella kept on calling the tortoise Charlotte. She was only informed of Charlotte’s true identity after they visited a different vet. But Charlie did not seem to mind; he still enjoyed Fenella’s company.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Fenella is also fond of telling stories to Charlie and talking to him like a child. She was told that the tortoise was 60 – 70 years old, but it doesn’t change the fact that Charlie is her baby. She loves talking to him, because Charlie looks at her as if he understands — he seems to be a good listener. They certainly have that grow-old-together kind of friendship that everyone wishes to have. You’ll be delighted to witness how soulmates find each other. Watch their story below.

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