This Extraordinary Uber Driver Has Zero Chance Of Getting A Speeding Ticket

Tortoises are versatile creatures. They’re able to live in diverse habitats that range from deserts to wet, tropical forests. Tortoises are neat creatures.

Although tortoises are believed to be generally shy creatures, once a tortoise becomes familiar with you, you’ll be able to touch or handle them without making them uncomfortable.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Fernando Maté

They say that tortoises will respond positively to touch and they’re a fan of tactile affections. But imagine having a tortoise being so comfortable with you that they allow you to use them as your personal Uber. That could never be us – humans, I mean. Because, for one, we’re far too heavy for this tortoise, and two, the seat’s already been taken by a chick. Yup. You read that right.

Instagram user fozzcook shared an awesome video of one of their chickens cruising around their yard on her personal Uber, Larry, one of their pet tortoises. Larry literally has an Uber sticker on his shell to prove that he’s a driver.

This unlikely pair resides in a multi-pet household. When I say multi-pet, it’s not just in numbers but also in variety. Their bio on Instagram shows just how large their family is. Dogs, tortoises, horses, chickens, a bunny, a hamster, a cat, and a bird. There’s probably never a dull moment in this household, I think. In another life, I’d want to live in a house like this.

Larry the tortoise isn’t new to this kind of unusual friendship. He’s actually best buds with his dog sibling as well! They have a book about their friendship, guys. At this point, I think it’s safe to think that all the animals in the house are all just besties.

Watch Larry and Cricket in the video below.

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