Pet Tortoise Attacks All Black Shoes That Come His Way

One of the fun parts of having pets is getting to know their individual quirks and personalities.

Some have stereotypical quirks, like a cat who hates water, while others have more unique traits, like Tommy the tortoise who hates black shoes.

Tommy Shelby lives in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, and belongs to 24-year-old Harry Vines’ grandparents.

Photo: YouTube/goodnewsnetwork

Harry regularly visits his grandma and, according to The Mirror, he has to tiptoe around the yard wearing anything but black shoes to avoid Tommy’s painful headbutts.

If Harry dares show up wearing black shoes, Tommy relentlessly attacks! It’s not just Harry’s black shoes that Tommy has an issue with either, but any black shoes.

Photo: YouTube/goodnewsnetwork

In fact, a video compilation shows how Tommy will go out of his way to attack a black shoe, even wading over white shoes to do it.

Tommy doesn’t mind if other colored shoes are lying around, but the second he spots a black shoe, it’s game over.

It’s quite interesting to see how worked up and passionate he gets about his dislike of black shoes!

Photo: YouTube/goodnewsnetwork

According to The Mirror, Harry said: “I’m scared to go into the garden with black shoes on. I’ll only be buying white shoes now.”

Check out the video below:

You can see more of Tommy and his shenanigans on TikTok and Instagram, @phatonions.

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