Yorkie Steals Dad’s Fake Teeth And Walks Around With A Massive Grin

It’s funny to think that just two years ago, we were entering a global pandemic that kept us isolated at home for months.

During those first months of the pandemic, everyone was searching for ways to entertain themselves. Personally, I finally got into gardening but I also spent a small fortune on coloring books for adults for those days when Netflix got boring.

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For Ben Campbell, he decided to buy himself a set of fake teeth in order to entertain himself while at home during quarantine. However, it was his furry friend, Thomas, who would be the one doing the entertaining with the fake teeth.

Thomas is a little Yorkshire Terrier, and one day, he discovered his dad’s fake teeth. The tiny, pint-sized pooch came across them while they were sitting out on the table.

Photo: YouTube/Ben Campbell

Curious, Thomas picked them up and decided that they were now his favorite toy. He refused to give them back no matter how many times Ben tried.

Eventually, Ben gave up and just started filming. That is how the sensation of “Toothy Thomas” was born. The video of the little dog with fake teeth went viral, resulting in many people getting a kick out of the dog’s antics.

Photo: YouTube/Ben Campbell

Many people were thoroughly entertained, and soon, the video began accumulating many likes and comments from people. One viewer commented, “Thomas is absolutely crazy funny, but still..your laughter is so contagious.” Another person wrote, “Thomas is hilarious and your laugh had me crack up.”

And a third person posted, “I’m finally gonna get those quarantine abs just from laughing at this!” Another person, who only recently saw the video, wrote, “How am I just now seeing this?! I was smiling and giggling from the start, but the snort got me rolling!”

Watch the hilarious video down below:

What’s the craziest thing your dog has ever stolen from you or someone you know? Let us know!

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