Blind Bull Terrier Finds Love And A Place To Call Home

Tommy is a bull terrier that understands life can be difficult at times. He spent his entire life living outdoors as he was used for breeding, but when he got a little older, he went blind.

His former owners didn’t want to take care of the dog after he lost his eyesight, so they took him to the pound and dropped him off.

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

As it turns out, there was someone at the pound who had a soft heart, and Tommy was about to find something amazing.

According to Tommy’s story shared by Cuddle Buddies, Nicole, who just happened to be at the pound looking for a dog, brought Tommy home. She was a little nervous about doing so because she had adopted some guinea pigs and rabbits and she didn’t know how they would handle being with a dog.

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

As it turns out, Tommy was just a big softy. He was nervous at first but he just wanted to be around people and now he loves going on walks and playing with his friend, the bunny.

Although Tommy is blind, he still enjoys being a little rambunctious. You can see him in the video spinning in circles, something that his family refers to as doing his “tornadoes.”

His family also talks about how people tend to misunderstand the breed. When they are out for a walk, Tommy wants to go over and see everyone but people have actually crossed the street in order to avoid him.

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

Certainly, it seems like a match made in heaven and now Tommy is enjoying his new family and all that they have to offer. If you ask Nicole, however, she will tell you that Tommy is everything that they need him to be.

Check out the video below:

You can keep up with Tommy, Nicole, and the family on TikTok or Instagram.

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