Man’s Family Claims It’s Wrong For Him To Change His Daughter’s Diapers

Have you ever seen a post that just makes you stop functioning for a good 10 seconds before moving on with your day?

This happened to me when I first saw this post from the TrueOffMyChest subreddit.

Posts from this subreddit are usually just confessions for people who just really want to let out their frustrations or what have you in public. As opposed to using a private social media account with 0 followers and throwing your thoughts in an empty void, some people use this subreddit to maybe get some feedback on their posts.

So what would you say when someone asks, “As a man, is it wrong for me to change my daughter’s (who’s about to be born in the next month) diaper?”

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A headscratcher, this one – not in a confused way, but more of an “are you serious” way.

Sadly, as OP repeatedly answered in the comments section, it’s a serious question.

He said, “…countless family members have told me ‘you can’t change her diaper; she’s a girl and you‘re a man.'”

Because of this, OP started doubting if he should do this totally normal thing when you have a newborn child.

“But everyone has been getting into my head, and now I feel like it’s wrong for me to change my daughter’s diaper,” OP added.

Is it gaslighting, or is it just a result of some deeper issue within the family?

“I never really thought of it like that until everyone started bringing it up,” OP wrote.

I mean, it’s good that the family is being cautious and all that. But it’s the child’s father! Changing your own child’s diapers should be normal behavior.

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Another Redditor pointed out that if you reverse the roles and a mother changes a son’s diaper, no one would think twice about it. “Tell those people to get checked out if they think newborns are gonna arouse a parent,” they added.

In an edit made by OP, he thanked everyone who took his post seriously, gave advice, and reassured him that changing his daughter’s diapers isn’t something forbidden. He also said that he’d be wary of those family members that had this weird take that it’s wrong for him to change his daughter’s diapers.

What do you think of this post? Is it a valid concern, or is it a relic of past puritanical beliefs?

Read the original post below.

As a man, is it wrong for me to change my daughters (who’s about to be born in the next month) diaper?
byu/Ok-Procedure-1116 inTrueOffMyChest

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