87-Year-Old Barber Gives Free Haircuts & Donates Thousands In Tips To Those In Need

Tom Gorzycki may be 87 years old and retired, but neither of those things have stopped him from doing what he loves while giving back.

Gorzycki is a retired barber, but he continues to cut hair for free in the basement of the Minnesota retirement home that he lives at, in a workshop-turned-barber shop.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

He learned how to cut hair while he was in the Navy and has been cutting it for 36 years now.

Although he gives the haircuts for free, the tips he gets goes to a very good cause – helping those in need in South Africa.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Over the last five years, he managed to make $13,000 in tips, which he was able to donate through “Arm in Arm in Africa.”

He and his wife, Mary, first learned about the organization ten years ago, and he immediately became determined to help.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

He has no plans of slowing down any time soon and will continue donating his tip money to those who need it more than he does.

“As long as my hands are steady, I’ll just keep doing it,” he told Inside Edition. “One person can make a difference, you just roll up your sleeves and you do what the heck you can.”

Hear more of his inspiring story in the video below:

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