Toddler “Walks” Dog Down The Street But Keeps Losing The Leash

It’s a scene that plays out far too often: The toddler begs to hold the dog’s leash while out for a walk, and the moment they take it, they drop it on the ground and the dog runs off.

It’s certainly happened to me while letting my niece walk my dog. She begged and pleaded to hold the leash all by herself, and when I finally obliged, she instantly let the leash go, and off ran the dog.

Photo: TikTok/@albertsbucketlist

A little girl named Josie recently found herself in that very situation. Being just a tiny toy, barely able to walk, she insisted on holding the leash of her family’s rescue dog, Albert.

The parents allowed Josie to take the leash and it wasn’t long before the leash fell out of her hands and onto the ground. It’s predictable, but what can you do?

Photo: TikTok/@albertsbucketlist

After the leash fell, she naturally started the chase to get it back, but Albert was already trodding off away from her. He didn’t run, but slowly walked and still, Josie struggled to pick up the leash!

Albert’s parents shared a video of the hilariously slow chase and captioned the post, “Never a dull moment with these two!”

Photo: TikTok/@albertsbucketlist

Their parents shared on Instagram, “…ever since Josie has taken Albert’s leash, she hasn’t let go. She wants to walk him every time we take him out now.”

Considering it’s so hard for her to pick the leash back up once she lets go, we understand where she’s coming from!

Check out the video below to see for yourself:

@albertsbucketlist Never a dull moment with these two!#TheRealPussinBoots #frolic #curbyourenthusiasm #findyourjoy #firsttimewalkingthedog❤️ #babywalksdog #puremagic #soberdad #preciousmoments #thelittlethings #funnyaf😂 ♬ Frolic (Theme from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” TV Show) – Luciano Michelini

Albert’s family rescued him from the Los Angeles-based dog rescue, MaeDay Rescue. The poor pup had been lost in the wilderness for 8 days before being found and saved.

Now, he lives in a comfortable home with his two parents and his human baby sister, Josie.

The video above isn’t the only time the two can be found side-by-side. On Instagram, their parents regularly share photos of Albert and Josie doing what siblings do best. Check out some of the photos below:

You can see more of Albert and his pal on TikTok or Instagram, @albertsbucketlist.

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