This Little Girl Thought Her Dad Was Gonna Cut Her Whole Finger Off To Remove A Splinter

A father and daughter’s cute interaction has gone viral on Instagram, and watching it made my heart squeeze in the most wonderful way.

I’m not sure if I wanted to cry with the little girl or if I wanted to laugh at how adorable she is when I watched it actually. You’ll probably get what I mean once you witness the way the father and daughter talk to each other in the video.

PHOTO: Instagram/getluckyoutdoors

The video starts off in the middle of the father and daughter’s conversation, but with the text over it stating the exact situation the duo is in, the viewers don’t need context to know what happened.

The father is seen telling his teary-eyed daughter to look him in the eyes at the start of the video. Taking a deep breath, the adorable girl does exactly that and her father tells her to chill. “It’s just a splinter,” the dad says as he prepares to remove the splinter on the girl’s thumb.

I cannot tell you how devastated I was when I heard that little girl ask her father if it’s gonna hurt. The father immediately said no and the little lady pleaded for her father to do the extraction gently, insisting that her father promise her to do it gently.

PHOTO: Instagram/getluckyoutdoors

The girl started to freak out a bit when she looked at what her father was going to use to remove her splinter though. She thinks that she’ll lose her finger, that her father’s going to cut her whole finger off. Then she promptly exclaims that she’s had her thumb for years, she’ll have you know.

As the dad closes in on his daughter’s thumb, he asks his daughter if she’s going to watch or if she’s going to look away. The daughter chooses to look away and then doesn’t, which is brave of her actually. And the moment her father removes the splinter, she can only say, “That hurts, that burns, oh, look at it!”

PHOTO: Instagram/getluckyoutdoors

The video cut off right after she said those things, but no tears were shed–at least, I don’t think so. The internet is gushing over the father and daughter’s interaction. Some left comments saying how the daughter never pulled away. “Just scared. Full on trust,” they said.

Watch the wholesome video below.

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