Viral TikTok Of A Little Girl Learning Her Colors Is Making People Jealous

For parents, there’s probably nothing more enjoyable than seeing your learning child do something smart. And for children, who are still so innocent, still prone to seeking validation, seeing your parents proud and happy can be something exhilarating.

A TikTok video went viral recently, and it shows a very adorable toddler making her parents happy in the cutest of ways.

PHOTO: Youtube/Good Morning America

The picture above is of Delilah, a child who is on a mission to learn and make her parents laugh at the same time.

Her parents posted a TikTok of her while she was trying to learn about colors, and it already has over 4.6 million views!

The winning part of it all is how the parents hype up their little girl whenever she gets her colors right. And as the parents hype her up each time, she reacts in the most excitable way possible.

In an interview with GMA, Delilah’s mom said that “she (Delilah) wants to get it right so she can hear how either I react or my husband reacts because she wants to celebrate.”


In the video, you can see how the little girl immediately looks at her parents to gauge their reaction once she gives her answer. Once she hears them happily scream, she responds with a tiny scream or laugh of her own, accompanied by a tiny little dance to celebrate.

“Teaching her colors and showing that, you know, it can be fun to learn,” Delilah’s mom said. “And then just that specific day, she was on a roll and we just happened to capture it.”

Now that is one happy household.

Watch them in action in the video below.

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