Sweet Toddler Compliments His Mom Before Bedtime In Heartwarming Video

Any parent will tell you that having kids can be a major responsibility and a handful at times. But, some parents will also tell you that they are a joy to raise and a wonderful addition to life.

Thanks to social media, people can share these precious moments online with the whole world. If you scroll through social media, there are hundreds of funny videos shared by parents of their kids doing hilarious antics.

Photo: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

However, there are also a lot of heartwarming moments that parents share of their kids as well.

There is one pretty adorable video that has gone viral on social media after being posted by his mom. The cute little kid in the video is complimenting his mom.

Photo: TikTok/@awoodbp

It definitely pulls on the heartstrings. In fact, many people have commented on the video, saying that he’s wise beyond his years.

In the video, his mom is having a snack just before bed. That is when the little boy says to his mom, “All week. When you came in here… you was beautiful.”

Photo: TikTok/@awoodbp

If that wasn’t sweet enough, he then adds, “You killed it beautiful.” How adorable!

Afterward, she jokes with him, asking why his face is so greasy – apparently a part of their nighttime routine.

Her son then says, “You greased it up!”

So much cuteness in one video. Watch the precious video down below:

@awoodbp mommy gone be beautiful all week. #allididwasgivehimfruitsnacks #greasyface #yougreaseditup #fyp #viralvideo #foryoupage ♬ Maj beautiful all week – AzhaPrather

What do you think? Has your kid ever given you an adorable compliment? Let us know!

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