Internet Users Are Tickled Pink as Toddler Calls His Chickens “My Girls!”

A toddler becomes an internet star in no time as his Tiktok video gets viewed and shared almost a million times!

What’s the secret? A special costume? A special talent?

It’s his special love for his pet chickens!

Photo: Tiktok/Melissa Coleman

People can’t help falling for this toddler’s sweet innocence as he goes off to greet his chickens after coming home from vacation. And do you know his term of endearment for his feathery pets? My girls!

See him affectionately hug each of them, whom he said he missed while on a vacation. He asked his cherished chickens how was their week, and told them how happy he was to be with his girls.

Photo: Tiktok/Melissa Coleman

True, chickens do make good pets even for young children. Chickens are easy to raise even in a small fenced-in yard. Among the benefits of raising them are: you can lessen food waste by feeding scraps to your chickens and harvesting eggs in return. They are also great for keeping a healthy garden because they eliminate pests. Moreover, your children become more responsible as they learn to take care of animals early in life.

This toddler’s video will surely make you smile and wish that everyone who has a pet felt as much love for their companion animals, because they definitely deserve it.

One Tiktok user comments, “This child is pure innocence and love. He’s something special.”

Photo: Tiktok/Melissa Coleman

“What a tender little heart he has🥰🥰🥰,” another person says.

This individual also cannot help gushing over this adorable toddler: “I love your son! He’s the best. You are raising a fine young little fella. He loves his girls 🥰”

While another Tiktok user confidently predicts, “He is going to grow up making someone a great husband with all the empathy he has for his animals🥰🥰🥰🥰”

Come and watch this one-in-a-million video!


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