Viewers Torn Whether TikToker’s 96-Square-Foot Apartment In Paris Is Cozy or Too Small

Tiny homes have been growing in popularity especially near big cities like Paris, London, and New York. What was once called a studio apartment has been cut in half and then some to create what are now known as micro-apartments. While it is not for everyone, an au pair in Paris loves her tiny abode.

She recently posted a tour of her apartment on TikTok, and it went viral. She wrote, “it’s small but i LOVE it”. Millions of people watched as @shump_ walked them through her 96-square-foot apartment.

Screenshot: TikTok/@shump_

She has all the essentials including a twin bed, kitchen area, shower, and toilet. But the most amazing part is the window with a view of the park and Eiffel Tower.

While it is very small, she has found a way to make it work and it looks cozy. She decorated the wall above her bed with postcards and trinkets she got from all the places she has visited in Paris so far.

Screenshot: TikTok/@shump_

Many areas in her home serve more than one purpose. For instance, her shower doubles as suitcase storage when not in use.

Over 3 million people have taken the virtual tour and are split between those who would love to live there and those who think it is way too small.

Screenshot: TikTok/@shump_

The comments are all over the place from compliments to complete shock as to how someone could live in something so small.

One person joked, “Harry Potter had more space under the stairs.” Others compared it to a “prison cell” or “bathroom turned into a studio”.

Another said, “Everything but the kitchen sink 😂”.

However, there were those who admired what she had done with such a small space and told her so.

A local commented, “girl i live in Paris and this space is seriously so well thought out & decorated!! probs the best 9m2 i’ve seen.”

Others pointed out the benefits like how quick it would be to clean, no roommates, and in the city center.

People on both sides were curious about the rent price to which @shump_ replied that her host parents cover the rent cost, but she believed it would be 600-700 euros (roughly the same price in US dollars) per month.

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No matter what others may think, @shump_ loves her place and enjoys living in Paris. She is experiencing all the city has to offer and shares some of her adventures on TikTok.

Be sure to follow her and see why people are drawn to the city of Lights.

Check out the entire apartment tour below and don’t forget to share!

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