Tiny Kitten Attacks Man’s Ear In Adorable Viral Video

A tiny British shorthair kitten has amassed a huge following on social media after a video of her nibbling a man’s ear went viral on YouTube.

The one-month-old kitten named Pinky lives with her owner, Irina, in Ukraine, and Irina regularly shares videos and photos of the little kitten and her other cats online.

Photo: YouTube/Teddy Kittens

On September 9, 2022, Irina shared a video of Pinky nibbling on a “stern man’s” ear and it quickly went viral, receiving more than 4.5 million views and counting!

People couldn’t get over how adorable the tiny kitten was as she playfully bit the man’s ear, pausing for a brief stretch and examining the camera.

Irina first introduced the world to Pinky a month before she went viral. Pinky is the only surviving kitten of a cat named Melania, and the mother-daugher duo are often featured together in sweet pictures and videos.

In late August, Irina shared a video of Melania bathing Pinky and it was viewed over one million times!

Pinky even has her own dedicated playlist on YouTube so you can watch her grow up!

Of course, she’s also featured plenty on Instagram. Check out some photos of the tiny floof below:

You can see more of Pinky and her family on Irina’s Instagram, @_teddy_kittens_, or on YouTube here!

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