Time-Lapse Shows Cats Following Sunbeam Around The Room

Cats definitely know what the good life is. They don’t really stress about anything, and just seek out the little joys in the world, like sunshine.

Cats love sunshine. Every cat that I’ve ever had has enjoyed the morning sun. They find a patch of sun and then they just bask in it.

Photo: YouTube/Mieze Cat

Depending on how their house is situated, it’s not uncommon for cats to follow the sunbeams around the room or house all day. Personally, I don’t know how cats can stand napping in the sun all day, but it works for them.

One person decided to create a time-lapse video of their cats following a patch of sunlight around their room the whole day.

Photo: YouTube/Mieze Cat

The social media account, Mieze Cat, came up with the thoughtfully filmed time-lapse video of their eight cats.

All eight felines were quite graceful in their movements of following the sun, leading to one of the video’s viewers to comment, “cats are solar powered.” And we would not doubt that after watching this video.

Photo: YouTube/Mieze Cat

As Mieze Cat said about their own video, “(translated) I took a time-lapse shot of our cats gathering in the sunlight from the window.”

Check out the adorable video down below:

Do your cats like to follow the sun around? Let us know!

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