TikToker Leaves His Viewers in Shock Every Time He Uploads Life Hack Contents

Scrolling through social media platforms can bring you to different topics that will educate or entertain you. Content creators are always finding ways to upload influential posts that could organically garner engagements. In order to do that, you must find a niche that suits you. It should be something you know a lot about and people will find interesting. Those posts must trigger one’s curiosity or emotions — content that will keep them coming back for more. Anyone can create images and videos to post online, but not everyone has the creativity to do so.

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For instance, life hacks are easy to do, but few social media users can apply the “wow” factor. Sidney Raskind is that influencer — his content can shock you. He has fresh ideas about life hacks that make people come back for more. People couldn’t stop commenting on his posts due to disbelief, like, “How have I not known that?” Sidney’s life hacks can help you use an item safely and efficiently. There are excellent tips and tricks for various areas of life, especially for daily errands. “I do receive feedback a lot in the comments like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. You can’t be real. This is fake. Oh my god, I haven’t tried this.’” Sidney said in an interview with NowThis News.

Photo: Youtube/NowThis News

Due to mind-blowing hacks, almost all his TikTok videos have already earned millions of views. A few of his life tips include extending sun visors in your car, gathering unpopped popcorn kernels, travel pillows on the front, etc. The viral TikToker could not believe that his travel pillow hack would be well-loved by the internet. Perhaps a lot of people have tried it after watching his video and find it more comfy than usual. His genius hacks go viral on their own since his followers or viewers take the initiative to share it as they find the video useful. Furthermore, Sidney adds humor to his content, which sells well to his audience.

From athletes to mothers, he has already helped tons of people at the age of 33. Sidney even showed that the dryer isn’t just for clothes but also for your sneakers, making drying faster and easier. Athletes were even amazed at his heel lock trick. In the video, Sidney said, “Here’s something I didn’t know until I was in my 30s. How you’re actually supposed to wear running shoes.” Then he demonstrated the trick on the shoe laces, which gained 28.3 million views, 3.9 million likes, 10.4k comments, 340k saves, and 136k shares. It’s one of his most watched videos, which led him to internet stardom.

“When I told people about the heel lock, a lot of runners were upset with themselves, just like I was, that they didn’t know about this, because it really does hurt if you don’t use that heel lock, especially for long-distance running. And I ran across the country,” Sidney shared. His posts are also relatable, especially when he shares tips for items that annoy you, like a newly opened medicine bottle. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy Sidney’s approach to his life hacks. That’s why you may want to follow him and scroll through his TikTok profile. Sidney might have created a video for something you need help with, and he has the solution all along.

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