Strangers Donate $130K To Help Pay Elderly Walmart Worker’s Medical Debt

TikTok users have rallied together to help a total stranger in a huge way.

It all started when Elizabeth Rizzo went to Walmart in Arizona and noticed one of the employees looked a little out of place. The woman was older, a senior citizen, and was leaning against a cart that held her walking cane.

Photo: TikTok/@rustywarrenknockersupgal

Rizzo felt that the woman shouldn’t be working, but enjoying her golden years where she could be comfortable and off her feet. However, after asking some questions, she learned that the senior employee, 82-year-old Carmen Kelly, had to work due to high-cost medical bills.

Wanting to help in some way, Rizzo took to TikTok to share Carmen’s story with the world. She filmed Carmen, and in the video she said, “I’m going to put you on TikTok. The last lady on TikTok with Walmart — she raised $110,000.”

Photo: TikTok/@rustywarrenknockersupgal

Carmen seemed surprised, but agreed to be filmed and let her story spread. In addition to the TikTok video, Rizzo set up a GoFundMe fundraiser with a goal of raising some $10,000 to help with Carmen’s medical expenses.

Thanks to the viral TikTok video, the GoFundMe ended up blowing past the $10,000 goal and raised more than $133,000!

@rustywarrenknockersupgal #walmartgofundme #walmartfundraiser #carmen #https ♬ original sound – Rusty Warren

After the money was raised and presented to Carmen, she was blown away be the generosity.

She was able to sit down with Rizzo for a formal interview and talk about how much the generosity meant to her.

Photo: TikTok/@rustywarrenknockersupgal

It’s not often that two strangers connect with each other in such an impactful way.

Check out the clip from the interview below:

@rustywarrenknockersupgal #carmenwalmart #lizrizzo ♬ original sound – Rusty Warren

If you’d like to join the efforts to support Carmen, you can donate to her GoFundMe here.

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