TikTok Video Showing Two Abandoned Dogs Living Their Best Lives Now is Too Sweet

Animals are found abandoned all over the world, and pet owners everywhere are left baffled and heartbroken. It’s not that people don’t understand the inability to care for them due to unforeseen circumstances. It’s that they’d be left to fend for themselves rather than trying to find them shelter until they can be adopted or at least fostered. It’s like those incredibly sad ASCPA commercials people tear up over. It rips at your heart just thinking about it.

TikTok note left with dogs
Photo: TikTok/@stormandsummit

Animal Rescue

A TikTok video was created by a user named Kayla, whose account is @stormandsummit. In it, she explains, “On 03/17/2021 around 2 am my friend and I came across 2 dogs abandoned in a dog park.” The two were left with bowls of food and a note that read, “We are potty trained. We need a bigger home. We are loving and caring all animals and all ages. Plz take us home. Sparky and Jacob.” No one is quite sure what people are thinking when they do things like this, but it’s being done with increasing frequency. And it started before food insecurities were so widespread.

A Better Life

The charity End Pet Homelessness estimates that there are approximately 1.3 million stray dogs in the U.S. alone. If you think that’s a lot, it is, but it doesn’t begin to touch the stats of other countries like Mexico. Dosomething.org has reported on the number of dogs and cats that are euthanized each year due to a lack of room at shelters and rescues that are too grim to report without ruining your day. But that’s not how Storm and Summit’s lives turned out. In case you’re wondering, those are their new names. Today, they are thankfully happy and well cared for.

three dogs on tiktok
Photo: TikTok/@stormandsummit

Viral TikTok Videos

In the video Kayla posted, we see the two pups living their best lives. But she admits that when she discovered them, “they were so scared and cold. It broke my heart.” Unable to turn a blind eye, she took them home with her and “let them sleep in my bedroom and set up blankets on the ground for them. However, as soon as I got into bed they jumped up to join me.” The footage of them licking her face is so sweet and heartwarming that you’ll absolutely want to watch it, but get ready to cry. Of course, she adopted them. In addition to all she’s done for them, they even have a new brother to play with!

Surrendering an Animal

If you’re experiencing a situation that makes keeping your pets a near impossibility, there are resources available to you. Many large shelters now have programs in place to assist the public so that the animals don’t end up in their care. It’s actually more economically feasible to intervene and keep pets with their families than to have them end up in a pound. It also drastically reduces overall euthanasia rates, which shelters don’t want to see happen any more than the rest of us.

tiktok dogs
Photo: TikTok/@stormandsummit

Pet Owner Resources

Check your area for local animal food banks. Also, the Humane Society in your particular location likely has annual food drives where people who can afford it drop off pet foods and other items that are shared with the public in drive-through pick-up events where you don’t even have to get out of your vehicle to receive the supplies. There are additional charitable foundations that work toward this same goal, too. Just perform a quick internet search using words like animal assistance and include your ZIP code.


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