Retriever Owner & Dog Make Beautiful “Music” Together in Viral TikTok with Toy Horn

It’s actually quite funny if you have a sense of humor and understand the dog is not harmed in any fashion by taking part in the videos. So, what are we talking about? A beautiful golden retriever called Gouzi, with a TikTok page known as @ly12206688, has a talent for music. They can’t sing, but they are adept at a number of simple “instruments” and a few that barely qualify. In fact, noisemakers would be a better description of the devices they “play” in their videos.

tiktok dog
Photo: TikTok/@ly12206688

Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are famed for their patience and tolerance, and this dog is a bonafide champ when it comes to these two categories. In the short video — one of several where they play an instrument inadvertently — a pair of hands is seen gently putting a small toy horn with a soccer ball attached to it up to the mouth of the dog and then, seconds later, placing their thumbs just as gently over the dog’s nostrils. Almost immediately, the horn starts to emit noise as the retriever’s breathing fuels the instrument to life.

tiktok dog
Photo: TikTok/@

Music to the Ears…

It’s not exactly music, but the willingness of Gouzi to play along is so endearing, and the expression on their face is, well, there’s no getting around it: it’s just plain funny! To date, the viral video has been viewed more than 23 million times and liked close to 400 thousand times. Among their many talents, Gouzi can also blow a whistle and “play” a few other things. But that’s just one of their gifts.

Cute dog @ly12206688 is subjected to one amusing scenario (and often times humiliation) after another and carries them all off with the patience of a saint. A few of the videos feature Gouzi taking part in a number of different beauty treatments and playing carnival shell games without so much as a dejected sigh or an eye roll. Check out the video below and maybe explore their page when you’re through. Good laughs are hard to come by, but Gouzi delivers.

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