See How One TikToker Came Up with an Ingenious Disappearing Dog Gate

If you’re a TikTok user, you know there’s no shortage of clever ideas for DIYers to take advantage of. This holds true for just about any life hack you can think of. Now, a clever TikToker has installed a disappearing dog gate to keep their golden doodles from entering living space that’s off-limits. While they merely demonstrate the handy device, rather than provide a quick tutorial on how they did it, the concept is an old one.

sliding dog gate
Photos: TikTok/littlehouseonalittleland

Pocket Doors

Seen more frequently in kitchens now for things like spice racks or racks for pots and pan lids, sliding pocket doors used to be a big thing. Sometimes you still see them for closets or bathroom doors, but they slide back into empty space between a wall or cupboards so that the door doesn’t have to be swung open or shut. They just disappear into an open void. This is great for cramped spaces where a swinging door might otherwise take up room when open or knock into stuff — especially if it has a knob.

Photo: Pixabay/CJ

Dog Gates

Brought to you by user @littlehouseonalittleland, they are frequently filmed doing all sorts of crafty home projects. If you have the wall space, the sliding gate could easily be installed, but it might be beyond most DIYer’s skill set. The materials, however, would be inexpensive to purchase, and locating a handyman or woman to build and install one shouldn’t be that difficult to find. It’s an ingenious solution for anyone with limited space or that doesn’t want to hassle with a baby gate every time they need to keep their pup segregated.

Check it out here!


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