Dog on TikTok Will Not Be Denied When it Comes to Surveying His Domain

One dog’s so-called “Battle of the Blinds” has gone viral on TikTok. Each day a cute border collie named Tater Tot vexes their owner by opening and adjusting the living room blinds. Viewed more than 2 million times to date, the 1-year-old border collie has commenters in stitches after he was caught opening the blinds repeatedly to peer out the window at the neighborhood.

Battle of the Blinds

Known on TikTok as @taterkingoftots, his owner, Tori Carriuolo, reported to Newsweek, “I think he started opening the blinds in June. I have no idea how he figured out how to do this. First, he did it as we walked out the front door so he could watch us walk, then it progressed to every sound he heard outside.”

border collie
Photo: TikTok/TaterKingofTots

Mrs. K’s Playbook

In the video, the young dog can be seen padding over to the front window and using his mouth to adjust the wooden blinds so he can survey the front yard and beyond in a move reminiscent of “Mrs. Kravitz.” If you grew up watching old Bewitched reruns, you’ll know exactly who that nosy neighbor was and how Tot stole that move straight out of Mrs. K’s playbook. On the TikTok video, the text overlay reads, “A battle of the blinds today. I shut this down three times but Sir Tot will never stop the neighborhood watch.”

Border Collies

Incredibly intelligent, border collies are an energetic breed that require a lot of mental and physical stimulation. These traits are fine if they have a job to perform, but they can also lead to destructive and obsessive behavior otherwise. Tater Tot’s recent habit of surveying his domain has provided TikTok users with plenty of fodder for the comments section. “At least he opens them nicely – mine just jam their heads through the blinds and break them,” was one reply most people with pets can relate to. Another was, “I see the need to update his resume: Board Director of the HOA.”

border collie
Photo: TikTok/TaterKingofTots

We’re Here for the Commentary

“I swear he’s just doing it to see what’s going on,” Tot’s owner laughed, “noise or no noise.” They added, “I just find it funny at this point if he’s doing it and wanted to share it with people. It’s gone viral before, and it’s so crazy when it happens. Like why THIS video, you know? I have no idea why people on TikTok love watching it, but I appreciate it if it’s one of the Tot’s.” Our guess is because these videos create great opportunities for irresistible comments like, “He definitely told kids in a past life to get off his lawn.”

There’s a second video where Tot just opens the shuttered blinds rather than adjusting them. Who needs the hassle or peering when you can get the full view? Watch them both below.



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