Three Sisters Amazingly Share the Same Birthday Even Though They Were Born Three Years Apart

Birthday celebrations should always be memorable, as they give importance to the person born that day. Amazingly, people from different time zones celebrate life every day, and they share that one day in various ways, depending on their preferences. It’s beautiful to know that a particular day in a year is special for millions of people. Coincidentally, a person can even meet someone who has the same birthday. For instance, a friend, partner in life, relative, or even a sibling.

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It makes a birthday even more special, as you can celebrate it together. Birthdays will be more fun and exciting and can make bonds grow deeper. Surprisingly, a Florida couple uniquely celebrates their three daughters’ birthdays. They celebrate it together in one day! Not because their birthdays are close to each other, but because they were born on the same day. What makes it more remarkable is that the adorable sisters were each born three years apart.

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According to the mother’s OB-GYN, Dr. Megan Gray, “It is pretty wild that she’s delivered three children, naturally, unplanned, on the same date and years apart.” Kristin Lammert is the amazing mother who gave birth to sisters Sophia, Giuliana, and Mia — all were born on August 25 with an interval of three years between them. Since then, the sisters have celebrated August 25 with one birthday party. It even came to the point that one of Kristin’s daughters thought that it was customary for siblings to have one birthday.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Kristin asked her eldest, Sophia, if she wanted to have a separate party one day. Sophia funnily answered a big NO, saying she didn’t even know what that felt like. “She didn’t realize it was unique until kind of recently, where she’s like, “Oh, so siblings don’t all share birthdays?” Kristin shared. One big birthday party for three is enough for the lovely siblings as long as they are together. Recently, the family celebrated August 25 by going to Chef Mickey’s restaurant at Disney. They even had a Barbie mermaid-themed birthday party at home with some friends and family.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

Kristin also explained that she and her husband, Nick, actually planned to have three daughters with three year age gaps. But they did not expect their plan to go quite this smoothly.

“We always knew that we wanted to have three children three years apart, but we certainly did not plan for them to share the exact same birthday,” Kristin said. “You never know how fertility will work itself out, but we specifically ‘chose’ to not try for our third until it would possibly cause us to have a September due date. But clearly, baby Mia had a plan of her own.”

This year, Sophia is 7, Giuliana is 4, and baby Mia turned 1. These endearing girls will have more cakes and birthday wishes to fulfill every August 25. The family has an Instagram account where they share updates — you can greet the kids there on their special day. Watch their interview from Good Morning America by clicking the video below.

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