Three Bear Cubs Have A Blast On A Backyard Hammock

Nature is all around us – even in our backyards. We all get to experience a number of different wildlife visitors to our backyards throughout the year depending on where we live.

Personally, where my parents live in California, they see a lot of birds – obviously – and opossums. They also see the occasional raccoon, which my dad has lovingly nicknamed Rocky.

Here, in Ireland, I’m used to seeing lots of magpies and grey squirrels make their rounds to my backyard. But none of these furry visitors can compare to what Margret Perkins experienced at her home.

Photo: Facebook/The Leaf-Chronicle –

Perkins lives in North Carolina. While she’s used to being around nature, she was in for quite the surprise when three little bear cubs showed up to her backyard.

The three little bears didn’t just come for a gander, they came to play! As it turned out, this trio seemed to be quite taken by the hammock that Perkins had hanging in her backyard.

Photo: Facebook/The Leaf-Chronicle –

The three bears were immediately drawn over to it and began to vie for who would get to come out on top and be the top bear of the hammock.

The resulting footage was hilarious and captured on camera by Perkins as she served her unexpected backyard guests.

While it was quite endearing to watch these three tussle around, it did raise one question: Where is mom?

Photo: Facebook/The Leaf-Chronicle –

Well, according to the Citizen Times, Perkins said the mom was actually right nearby. She just wasn’t in the frame of the camera. She was off to the side keep an eye on all three and making sure that they weren’t getting into too much trouble.

Speaking to Citizen Times, Perkins stated, “It was very funny to see.”

Watch the Facebook video in the clip below:

What do you think of these three bear cubs? Let us know!

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