This Grandma’s Puppy Is So Thoughtful that Many People Were Touched and Amazed on Twitter

People who love dogs can give you numerous reasons for choosing to adopt one. Even a person who hasn’t kept one but loves them can create a list — two or more pages, front and back, I’m sure. When you spend time with dogs, you’ll never see them as pets. Dogs can be your best friend, soulmate, or adorable yet annoying sibling, or you’ll treat them like your child.

Photo: Twitter/Buitengebieden

They are also entertaining and interesting creatures — dogs have a lot to offer more than learning tricks and running around at home. Canines can even win your heart within minutes — whether you see it personally or on the screen. For this reason, many social media pages are created solely for sharing dog content.

From heartwarming to funny videos, the posts quickly gain views, likes, and comments. Such content will tempt you to adopt a dog, especially when you witness how they express unconditional love and thoughtfulness. Even the little ones are already natural in making humans feel special, and proof of that is the trending video of a puppy with its grandma.

Photo: Twitter/Buitengebieden

The viral video was uploaded by a Twitter curating page, Buitengebieden. It was so wholesome, especially when the puppy started pushing the stool closer to grandma so she could sit comfortably. The tiny pooch even wagged its tail when it saw how successful the mission was. It looked proud and happy — the dog clearly loves its owner to be that thoughtful and caring. No one could ever deny the truth about the video’s caption. Dogs are indeed the best, whether they are small puppies or grown-ups.

The video was both fascinating and adorable, and it was able to gain 9 million views. It was received well by Twitter users, which is evident with 72.9k retweets, 3,073 quote retweets, and 395.2k likes. Watching the video can make you say “aww,” and you might have the urge to pat the dog’s head for being a good pup. Hit the retweet and quote retweet button so the video can reach your loved ones. The thoughtful puppy might be the sunshine they need to get through the day.

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