Thermometers Are Being Recalled After Causing Severe Skin Burns

Most of us have become familiar with using thermometers more than we ever thought possible in recent years. We often check our temperature due to the coronavirus, typically out of concern that we are healthy.

There are also other types of thermometers on the market, some of which serve a specific purpose. That is the case with the Walnut Wearable Smart Thermometer made by BearCare Inc.

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A voluntary recall was announced by the Food and Drug Administration on May 12. They cite possible injuries when individuals were using the device.

According to the announcement, they received “consumer complaints of minor to severe skin burns and skin irritation in children that used the product.”

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This is of particular concern because it is a rechargeable, over-the-counter thermometer that measures and monitors chest temperatures in children who are six years old or younger.

It is even made specifically for children, having a penguin shape. It was available for sale between December 2022 and April 2023.,, and sold the thermometer.

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If you own this thermometer, look at the smart sensor on the rear of the device. Make sure that there isn’t any corrosion in that area. You should also watch for any connectivity issues or reduced battery life.

The FDA also expands on the warning, saying to watch for a heat or warming sensation in the area of the sensor. If any irritation or redness is noticed on the skin, it should also be of concern.

Chemical leakage is a possibility, so if you handle the device, do so cautiously.

Photo: Pexels/CDC

If the device is used by a child, it is of particular concern. Caregivers should check the children, including in the area of their eyes and mouth in the event that corrosive fluids were either swallowed or had spread to the area.

If someone was exposed to moisture coming out of the device or if they have symptoms, the FDA is requesting they seek medical care. If you have a Walnut Thermometer, BearCare is advising you to stop using the product.

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