Woman Shares What It’s Like To Live With 8 Weiner Dogs In One House

There are so many reasons to love social media – mainly all the animal pages that are out there. You just have to love how many people share pictures and adorable videos of their pets.

Some even make a page so you can follow the lives of their pets and their many adventures. Those are always fun.

Photo: TikTok/@yunabugs

One woman has started documenting what it’s like to live with eight rescued dachshunds, plus a cat named Simon, and it’s the cutest. The woman, Grace, explained to The Dodo that she called her eight pooches “The Weens,” and she enjoys how close they all are.

Online she’s already shared them with the world, writing, “Meet the Weens!!! Boots, Bandit, Peanut, Plopper, Tubby, Punkin, Einstein, Meatball, and Simon the cat!!! Excited to show you guys what our life is like.”

Photo: YouTube/The Weens

Grace has shared that having her pups has meant that she’s had to make a few adjustments at home – mainly re-arranging things so that they are more readily accessible for their short legs. But apart from that, The Weens are like any other group of dogs who enjoy going for walks and runs with their human. They also enjoy going through the car wash.

Speaking with The Dodo, Grace further added: “One day after we went on a run I was like you know what let’s go to the car wash, the car is kind of dirty.”

Photo: YouTube/The Weens

She went on to explain, “Once the little brushes started and then the water was hitting the windows and then the lights turned on, you just see all of them wake up and they’re all like what is this? What’s going on? They all get super excited, they’re barking and they’re wagging their tails, so once I realized that the weens just love being at the car wash ,it became like a routine for us.”

Check out the adorable TikTok video below:

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