Artist Demonstrates How To Turn Noisy Cat Sounds Into A Catchy Song

Cats are often thought of as being low-maintenance and easy pets, but the truth is, they can be pretty demanding.

When a cat wants attention, they make it known. They might paw, cry, meow, or make other unusual noises. Despite their quiet, sneaky reputation, cats aren’t always the quietest of animals.

Photo: Unsplash/Anders Nord

South African musician David Scott of The Kiffness decided to collaborate with a cat to create a song and it turned out a hit!

Scott built his song around a viral video featuring a tuxedo cat rhythmically crying at the window.

Photo: YouTube/The Kiffness

While some people might be annoyed to hear a crying animal outside their window, Scott took the sound and ran with it. He didn’t just jam out to the whining cat, but he turned it into a killer song!

You can see the original cat video below:

Scott added some additional background music to create a song.

The song even included some lyrics: “Hey friend, I’m just checking in Hey friend, I don’t know where you’ve been. Hey friend, won’t you let me in?”

Photo: YouTube/The Kiffness

In the video’s description, Scott says, “Ever wondered how to collab with the noisy cat next door? This simple 9 step video will show you how to do that.”

Check out the tutorial for yourself below:

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