Fisherman Reels In Goldfish Weighing Nearly 70 Pounds

When most people picture goldfish, they envision little orange fish living in tiny bowls or tanks. They’re often given away as prizes at the fair or can be purchased at different stores for mere pennies.

But goldfish aren’t just small pieces of decor to keep in a bowl on the counter. They’re living, breathing animals that deserve the same care and respect as any pet, and they’re not necessarily small. At least, not when they’re given proper space and nutrition to grow.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Just take The Carrot, for example. The massive goldfish has been living in the Bluewater Lakes in Champagne, France for the past 20 years and as a result, he’s grown – and grown a lot.

Weighing in at over 67 pounds, The Carrot is thought to be among the world’s largest goldfish.

A fisherman named Andy ended up reeling in the massive goldfish and surprised the internet by posing for some photos. His pictures show just how dramatic The Carrot’s size really is!

Bluewater Lakes shared the photos of Andy’s catch on Facebook, noting that the fish was released back into the lake after the mini photoshoot.

That’s one big fish!

According to CNN, The Carrot was introduced intentionally to the lake to attract fishermen, but his massive size serves as a good reminder for pet parents to avoid releasing their pets into the wild.

When given proper space, goldfish can really thrive and grow, which could impact local ecosystems. It’s also a good reminder to think long and hard before getting a goldfish.

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